My Son Hit Another Kid in Church

With today being Easter, I figured I’d share a story from church. Don’t worry, it won’t be some over-the-top lesson about Jesus. In fact, this really has nothing to do with religion at all other than it happened at church. My son is 4 years old which makes him old enough for the “Sun Beam” class in our church’s primary class. My wife and I were sitting through Sunday School. My wife was probably listening; I was more than likely scrolling through my feed just trying to find something that would catch my eye. With 15 minutes left in class, my son’s teacher knocked on the door and asked for my wife. My wife was gone for less than 5 minutes till she came back and motioned for me to come with her. Apparently, my son had got into a little hitting match with another kid in his class and it got so intense that he started hitting the kid as well as his teacher. Well, that embarrassed my wife so much that we left immediately. I was in charge of punishing him for some reason. I gave him a little pop on the behind with my hand. I never spank hard. The spankings are taken more as insults to my kids. I actually put more oomph in my arm (again not enough to hurt) when we play fight/wrestle to which my son laughs it off. Top it off with I just got out of church early, I didn’t really want to punish him, but I would rather offend my son than further piss off my wife. So he got a 1 pat on the butt and made to clean his room.

I later told my dad about this incident. He just started to laugh and ask if Seth gave the kid a black eye or anything. Apparently they were visiting my older brother because I heard him in the background asking what my dad was laughing about. When my dad explained, my brother yelled, “Yeah! That’s my nephew! Kick his ass!” I didn’t tell my wife about this conversation for a week.

Going back to getting home from church, while it’s a funny story to look back on, I couldn’t have my son getting into fights at church or school in the future. So we had to sit him down and explain that we don’t hit other kids. It’s really hard to get things across to a 4-year old. His little mind is on the cartoons that he was just grounded from and the songs from those dumb Disney movies that he’s heard over and over again. Eventually we just had make it like he was taking an oath or something. We just broke it down to a couple of words and had him repeat it. He sounded a lot like myself when I was in trouble with my parents. I would just say what they would want to hear just to shut them up (yes ma’am, no ma’am, I’ll do better, etc.) My son would would repeat the words with the speech limitations of a little child while looking at the fridge. It’s hard to stay mad when your child is repeating your words back to you in child talk. They’re just too darn cute! (Yes, it is perfectly acceptable for a man to use the word “cute”). It’s been over a month since the incident and while my son still has attentiveness issues, he at least keeps his hands to himself.


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